Nero Sicilia

RG Naxos Hotel Taormina

Projects / Hotel renovation in Taormina

The sea as stage, the volcano as scenograpfical backdrop, are the unique scenery, that hosts an equally unique place: RG Naxos Hotel in Taormina.

Giorgio Baroni

A “garden” that preserves and offers the beauty of a place full of culture, tradition and art.

Nerosicilia, with its materials and collections, coats some elements of interior design in different rooms, as Restaurant “Sciara” and “Panarea” and “Fluido Bar”.

The big natural and technical surfaces enhance the personality of each project. The know-how of Nerosicilia in Aetna lavastone working, in big slabs and in decoration with recycled glass from disused TV and PC monitors, has allowed to realize greatness, unique finishes and colours, as well as site specific.