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Home renovation, Ragusa Ibla

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In the heart of Ragusa Ibla, the ancient and modern converse.

Alessandro La Perna
Marcello Bocchieri


Superfici – enneDue


Ancient and contemporary in perfect harmony.

In the heart of the Iblei mountains, the ancient language of a historical home blends perfectly with that of its modern materials. The architect Alessandro la Perna creates a continuous dialogue between old and modern.

On the floor Multiplem (in the enneDue finish with elements of Colourfield Celeste) is a continuum with the outside, while iTessuti decorates some of the vertical elements present in other areas of the property.

The splashback and countertop are made entirely of enneDue. The same surface becomes three-dimensional in the lounge’s large fireplace and in the internal wall of the shower, which is finished with a three-dimensional texture.

The Ennedue surface used with Multiplem was intentionally selected in different shades of lava stone.

In nature lava stone is found in various shades of grey, which become emphasized during firing to exhibit the naturalness of the stone.

The recycled glass used in Colourfield is in the version ‘’orange peel’’, creating an ‘’imperfect’’ smooth texture and revealing the surface of the lava stone.