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Nerosicilia floor and wall Aetna’s lava stone

News / Aetna’s lava stone Italian retailers and suppliers.

Nerosicilia is a natural lava stone extracted from the slopes of Aetna, fired with a new and unique production process: a specifically designed oven at a temperature up to 1300*C tracks back the stone to the original state of magma.

The colours of our finishings are made entirely using recycled glass of desused PC and TV monitors. Through a process of glass crushing and grinding, we get the raw material of our patterns and of full field colour finishing.

Lava stone can be not only coloured, but also decorated with customized effects and patterns, ranging from floors and walls coverings to bar counter, kitchen countertops or table tops.

For more informations about Nerosicilia lava stone production, stone processing and its use please consult our website. Still, if you want to contact the company requesting a sample or a professional advice for the realization of a project.

If you are looking for professionals in the sector of lava stone surfaces, click on the link below: you can consult all the use possibilities of natural lava stone, such as technical lava stone floors, decorated lava stone wall coverings, lava stone furnishing complements and much more.

Aetna’s lava stone Italian retailers and suppliers.