Nero Sicilia

New collection by Paola Lenti: Incontri

News / Milano Design Week / Aprile 2019

A unique material that represents the soul of a region, lending itself to endless expressive possibilities. This is Nerosicilia’s lava stone, extracted from quarries on the slopes of Etna and transformed into exclusive surfaces with extraordinary technical and aesthetic qualities. A living material that is versatile and full of personality, able to truly stand out in and respond to the needs of contemporary spaces.  

The Paola Lenti company has chosen to interpret the fascinating uniqueness of this material for the second year in a row, presenting Incontri e Frazioni, two new floor coverings in lava stone that will be displayed as part of IN SCENA, the event organized for Fuorisalone 2019, to be held in the industrial spaces of Fabbrica Orobia 15. It is being staged with a sequence of architectural elements conceived as theatre sets, a sort of stage where Paola Lenti can showcase its journey, with an interplay of colours, materials, and forms. This is where the two new surfaces designed by Nerosicilia will be featured, reaffirming Paola Lenti’s great interest in the intrinsic qualities of lava stone, which maintains its natural properties while emphasizing its extraordinary expressiveness. 

As with the Origami project in 2018, Paola Lenti has chosen to put the materials through an oxidation process, making for surprising chromatic and decorative effects. 

Thus Paola Lenti has obtained two unique geometric designs that explore the specific properties of the material in an even more in-depth way, allowing it to express itself naturally and highlighting the numerous nuances of colour that oxidation can generate.