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Between the creases of natural and oxydised lava stone #paolalenti

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The Italian designer Paola Lenti transforms our lava stone slabs with Japanese inspired layouts and cuts.

Paola Lenti
2 squares broken up into 3 different trapezoids
enneUno, enneDue and oxydised lava stone.

Natural colours

The designer’s creative concept inspired and determined the most appropriate processing, in order to achieve the desired result.

Basic module

Origami has a basic module, divided into two trapezoids, with different colours obtained with our special processing.


25×25 cm ≠ 1 and 2 cm

Origami doesn’t need any decoration. The special processing makes slabs look different from one another, showing their natural colours and qualities.

The modules

Origami modules follow a regular framework, where basic tiles in natural lava stone are cut to insert the oxydised lava details.

≠ Thickness 1-2 cm

Origami is an original design made by Paola Lenti for Nerosicilia.

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