Nero Sicilia

SICAM Pordenone

Blog / 12-15 Ottobre 2021 _ Pad. 5 Stand D9

The 12th SICAM edition has just ended. A year full of new facts.

Nerosicilia group confirms to be a company full of resources

Often you don‘t stop to think about what’s behind a project. Think about a piece of forniture, even small, the aesthetic appearance is certainly what triggers love at first sight, but behind every project there is the work, the passion of companies dealing with every single elements, that served to give life to this object.

The aesthetic appearance goes from form to colour, from materials to surfaces, like a skin of the object. And it’s the skin that triggers a first love.

Nerosicilia presents at the SICAM a wide range of surfaces, colours and materials in lava stone of Etna, Pietra Pece of Ragusa and the new technical surface +nero, becoming a partner for the furniture and design industry with handcrafted and eco-sustainable products.

+nero is the perfect evolution of lava stone of Etna, of which Nerosicilia is the privileged interpreter, having conferred on the natural raw material a revival in aesthetic and performing terms. It’s especially adapted for the requirements of the designers, which may need the same aesthetic features of stone, but in big sizes and small thickness.

+nero is worked with the same care ant the same production criteria of stone: firing, decorating with recycled glass from discarded CRT monitors and cutting to size.

The slabs have a maximum size of 320×160 cm for a thickness of 6, 12 and 20 mm.

At the fair a new concept of countertop was also presented: full field decorated lava stone, pigmented with natural oxydes, composed of single juxtaposed tops, a unique countertop, designed as a singular chromatic palette.

Each element is separated by a very thin grout joint, a boundary line which marks chromatic variations and/or contrasts between the different tops.

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