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Salone del Mobile 2019

Blog / Milano Design Week / April 2019

Nerosicilia’s lava stone is mined from the slops of Etna, from an old lava flow that dates back to 1600. The stones are meticulously chosen in blocks that are cut and processed in custom-made, patented ovens. This is a long and laborious process that allows for obtaining—depending on the temperatures used—different, exclusive finishes that are translated into new stylish visions year after year thanks to collaborations with international designers. 

Like the collaboration with Rodolfo Dordoni for the Salone del Mobile 2019, who is interpreting the uniqueness of lava stone for the first time in the Gemme collection, a line that offers a high-impact aesthetic.  

The architect and designer asked Nerosiciliaif he could use a porous stone, the so-called occhio di pernice, which is the most recent lava found on the surface. The objective was to decorate the stone by casting molten recycled glass, which doesn’t just stop on the surface but goes on to penetrate its characteristic pores as well. Thanks to its light colour, occhio di pernice takes on the various hues of the glass, adopting the same nuances and seeming to feature precious gems set inside. Thus, Dordoni was able to make the most of the porous characteristics of the stone and, using technology provided by Nerosicilia, highlight its uniqueness.

In addition to our new creative partnerships, we also have established collaborations. At the Salone, Nerosicilia will present Palazzo 700, new decorative variations to the Palazzo line, designed by Piero Lissoni in 2018. It was created to bring to mind traditional wood flooring but with a new design language. The collection uses the warm, dark hues of lava stone, while Nerosicilia has put it through a screen-printing process on polished glass to transform classic stylistic features into delicate filigree. The new variations include three new surfaces – Nera, enneUno and enneDue (with the latter never before used for decorations) – and three new 40x40cm decorations offered in the two shades of black and white.

In Milan, Nerosicilia will also present the new Drawings collectiondesigned by Massimo Barbini and Giovanni Salerno of Jpeglab Studio. 

Throughout time, artists have always taken on and paid homage to the works of their contemporaries or the artists who came before them. Like Picasso with “Las Meninas” by Velazques, which itself was inspired by  the “Arnolfini Double Portrait” by Van Eyck. Or contemporary works like sculptures by London-based artist Ryan Gander who recently reinterpreted sculptures by Sol LeWitt with the “Incomplete Cube Sculptures” series at BASE/Progetti per l’Arte in Florence. This is the idea behind the “Drawings” initiative inspired by Sol LeWitt’s “Wall Drawings.”

“We wanted Nerosicila’s lava stone to be our wall, upon which we would draw linear shapes, arches, and lines, minimalist and universal. An interpretation of LeWitt’s pieces but with a natural material, lava, combined with recycled glass powder from old TV and PC monitors.” 

Technique: screen printing with recycled glass (PC and TV monitors) on Nerosicilia stoneSalone del Mobile Installation: 320x480x2cmFuori Salone Installation at Interno 18: 320x200x2 cm 


The Salone and beyond. The three brands are participating in various events during FuoriSalone as well:

  • – Interno 18, Via Solferino 18
  • – “La Porta dei Sognatori (Door of Dreamers), Human Spaces”, Milan’s State University, Via Festa del Perdono 7 
  • – IN SCENA event for Paola Lenti, industrial space in Via Orobia 15
  • – Surfaces Partner at Boffi, Via Solferino 11 

Three brands with one single philosophy

Mass production using cutting-edge technologies, but with the great care used in crafting one-off pieces while fully respecting the environment. This has always been the “industrial craftsmanship” philosophy behind Nerosicilia and Mosaicomicro, two Sicilian brands that work with lava stone and recycled glass respectively, to bring to life surfaces that are technically and aesthetically of the highest quality. Two parallel manufacturing paths that share a deep love for the local region and its resources. Companies that have grown thanks to constant investment in research and innovation, broadening their horizons to offer ever new and varied creative inspirations to the worlds of architecture and design. 

The evolution is continuing and the Nerosicilia and Mosaicomicro family is expanding with Pietrapece, a new brand where another local stone becomes the source of inspiration for original artistic creations. Three brands, three materials, three types of products, each of which has its own strong, recognizable identity, together under the auspices and with common value of industrial craftsmanship serving as inspiration. 

This concept can also be seen in the exhibition space at the Salone del Mobile, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, structured in three distinct areas to highlight the unique qualities of each brand.

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