Nero Sicilia

New collections by Piero Lissoni

Blog / Presentazione ISO e Palazzo alla Milano Design Week / Aprile 2018

Piero Lissoni for Nerosicilia, the next step in the material

With its original passion unabated, Nerosicilia continues the quest to demonstrate the boundless expressive power of an extraordinary material which is Etna volcanic stone.
For 2018, Nerosicilia entrusts the creation of two brand new collections, Palazzo and Iso, to the capable hands of Piero Lissoni.

Palazzo, floors inspired by tradition

Quadro, Greca and Rombo versions. The Palazzo collection aims to use a new language to evoke beautiful traditional wood and marble floors, taking full advantage of the substance and warm, dark tones of volcanic stone. Processed by Nerosicilia with screen printing on polished glass, it transforms classic stylistic features into a delicate filigree.

ISO, modern geometric patterns

The ISO collection proposes a few arrangements of volcanic stone, simply cut and mounted, in an attempt to eliminate any sense of severity of the modular repetition. Leveraging the slightest colour and surface variations that characterise this material, the results are exceptionally warm and natural patterns reminiscent of the feeling created by parquet.