Nero Sicilia

New collection Origami by Paola Lenti

Blog / Nuova collezione Nerosicilia alla Milano Design Week / Aprile 2018

Year after year, the story that nerosicilia is writing with Mt. Etna volcanic stone is increasingly expansive and rich in new content. The history of Nerosicilia is a story composed of considerable skill, an unrelenting spirit of research and, especially, a genuine love for the local area. The result is obvious to all: extraordinary surfaces, with a bold aesthetic and unparalleled technical performance, achieved using volcanic stone, a unique and original material that is capable of lending an impressive feel to any type of contemporary setting, residential and otherwise.

One of the most significant chapters in this story is certainly related to the long-standing partnership with Paola Lenti, renewed again this year with nerosicilia’s involvement in ELEMENTI, the event staged as part of the Milano Design Week in the industrial spaces of Fabbrica Orobia 15.

Collezione Origami di Paola Lenti per Nerosicilia

Paola Lenti uses sheets of Nerosicilia volcanic stone as if they were primary elements, respecting their inherent qualities and celebrating their differences, and turns the stone into Origami, an innovative new flooring. The stone is decorative by its very nature, simply because each sheet is different from the next due to the varied type of processing to each.
The sheets are adapted to become a floor covering by using a precise pattern to cut the untreated stone into tiles and inlaying polished volcanic stone in a geometric tessellation.

The inspiration for the compositions and modularity of the tiles has a subtle Japanese feel and echoes a design dear to the artistic sensibility of Paola Lenti, who, in Origami, wanted to preserve the character of the material and aimed to heighten the vibrant color that the material displays through the handling that never sacrifices its essential natural qualities.

As we already witnessed in the design of the Sciara tables, Paola Lenti and nerosicilia have brought together their specific and remarkable ability to give life to something new. In this case, Paola Lenti’s creative concept is applied to a material that nerosicilia processes in order to lend the most appropriate result.