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Salone del Mobile S.Project 2022

Blog / Milano Design Week / June 2022

Appearing at Milan Design Week 2022, the Nerosicilia Group controls four brands that lead the way in creating innovative surfaces that combine multiple materials, from lava stone and calcarenite to recycled glass and porcelain stoneware.

For more than ten years, this dynamic company has been meeting every creative and manufacturing challenge that comes its way, and has continued to enrich the world of architecture and design with always innovative stoneware flooring and cladding products whose manufacture involves not just industrial processing using highly advanced technologies, but also craftsmanship and dedication, along with strict respect for the environment.

At the S. Project pavilion at Milan Design Week, the Nerosicilia Group is telling its history through an original display space that is the work of Leonardo Talarico, an under-35 designer who has already established an international reputation.

Eight square columns, three metres high and eighty centimetres thick, rise before the visitor like powerful monoliths arranged harmoniously in a plurality of colours that are the result of the combining and layering of different materials.

Five of the columns show off the multiple finishes produced by Nerosicilia: slabs of Etna lava stone, obtained by means of special manufacturing processes, with a new and nuanced colour palette.

Two columns stand in testimony to the expressive quality of Pietrapece, an exclusive calcarenite extracted from a single quarry in Ragusa. In addition to the references to the collections created with designers of the calibre of Rodolfo Dordoni, Piero Lissoni and Jpeglab, the stand-out feature here is a brand-new unusually light-toned stoneware with a tint similar to the sand on Sicilian beaches.

The last one column celebrate the achievements of +nero, the new brand specializing in the production of large surfaces that, though designed for technical purposes and made from synthesized modern materials, capture the poetic plasticity of lava stone, including through the addition of unusual textures and patterns. The new pinstripe-like decoration against a white background is particularly notable.

The final chapter in the story is dedicated to Mosaicomicro, which is represented here by a 20-metre-long floor laid behind the colonnade. Mosaicomicro gives new life to discarded TV and PC monitors, which it turns into tiny pieces of mosaic. The latest generation of products under this brand come from the Micro Circle project, whereby the stoneware surfaces are dotted with miniature, aligned circles that create an optical effect of full and empty spaces.

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