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New collection by Piero Lissoni: Palazzo 700

Blog / Milano Design Week / Aprile 2019

Palazzo 700 is the new series of decorations for the Palazzo line, designed by Piero Lissoni in 2018, and offered with three new surfaces – laNera, enneUno and enneDue (used for the first time in decorations) – and three new 40×40 cm decorations, available in the two shades of black and white.

Palazzo 700 is on display at the Salone del Mobile with three tables and in three different material/colour combinations, 80×80 cm in size each.  It is also on display at FuoriSalone at Interno 18, on two walls (in two material/colour combinations), 80×200 cm in size each.

Palazzo 700 Piero Lissoni